Backpacker hostels are places which provide budget-oriented accommodation. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex and may even be private rooms. You make a request for single sex only dormitories. Some backpacker hostel offers the whole dormitory room to you if you are traveling as a group or a family. In some countries, historic centers are converted to backpacker hostels. Travelers who travel on a budget are called as backpackers. People traveling on a shoestring budget stay in cheap hostels hence the name “Backpacker’s Hostel”

When you stay in backpackers hostels you will come across many backpackers/ travelers who usually have a treasure trove of travel stories to share. I have personally got inspiration to travel to a particular country because of someone I met at the hostel!

Anyways when you really think about it since you are more likely to be outside, enjoying and experiencing things, all you need is a safe place to store your stuff. So instead of spending money on an expensive hotel room which you are only going to use for sleeping, you can save the money by staying in Backpacker’s hostels. Nowadays I have even seen families staying in back packer’s hostel to reduce accommodation cost and spend more on shopping and other activities.

Online booking through Hostelworld and also through Booking websites.

Facilities and Features found in most Backpacker Hostels

1. Kitchen – for some light cooking
2. Breakfast – Usually continental and usually included in the price.
3. Usually centrally located
4. Quiet and friendly environment
5. Lockers and Luggage rooms
6. Internet access in common areas and sometimes even in the rooms
7. Travel resources like books and maps.
8. Laundry facilities
9. Shared Bathrooms and toilets
10. Advance online booking and confirmation facilities

The cost normally varies according to the number of beds in the room.

Solo travelers can expect to spend from 800 INR to 2000 INR depending on the country.

Families can expect to spend from 1500 to 4000 INR depending on the country.