There is a subtle balance of old and new in Dubai, ensuing in a smorgasbord of things to do. You can spend your mornings lounging out along Jumeirah Beach and your afternoons mincing powder at Ski Dubai. Or you can start your day with Desert Safari before exercising your credit card at the Hot Air Balloon Ride or on SkyDiving, get to know the city, head directly to the top of the Burj Khalifa where you’ll find unbelievable views stretching into the Persian Gulf. And if you’re fascinated then you can also reserve your private yacht tour and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Dubai Skyline.

Here I have rounded up top 10 must to do things in Dubai which is not only worth the splurge but will offer you authentic taste of ostentatious Dubai.

1) Burj Khalifa- The 829-meter, Tallest Building In The World

Burj Khalifa

Treat yourself – and those you’re with – to something incredible. Go up to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. From these dizzying heights, you’ll enjoy some spectacular views of Dubai as you factually live the high life. Plus, get entrée to the slightly-higher 125th floor. With panoramic views from the world’s highest building, this is a true bucket list experience. If you’re looking to have a really extraordinary experience subsequently make sure you take your chance to get inside the Burj. This is definitely one of the 10 must do thing in Dubai.
Going for the sunset option? You’ll get the most vibrant view as the light changes from daylight, to dusky twilight, to dark – when the lights of Dubai flicker to life. Photographers call this time of day ‘magic hour’. You’ll definitely be feeling the magic as the sun goes down on the ‘City of Gold’ and the desert that engulfs it.

Price: At the Top adult/child 4-12yr Dhs125/95 non-prime hours, Dhs200/160 prime hours, At the Top Sky non-prime/prime hours Dhs350/500.

Time: At the Top from 8.30am-11pm, At the Top Sky from 11am-10pm, last entry 45min before closing.

2) Wild Wadi Water park- Highest Water Slide In Asia

Wild Wadi

Think there’s no water in the desert? Think again because Wild Wadi Waterpark fetches you 12 acres of water adventures. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-producing thrills or chilled out pools, you’ll find all the fun in the sun. Enjoy the largest wave pool in the Middle East or grab a (rental) surfboard and hang loose at WipeOut Flowrider, one of four artificial surf stations in the world. It pumps seven tons of water a second into a thin arc to simulate real waves.

Not into surfing? No they have got relaxing wave pools, a lazy river and gentle currents can let you drift along like a reggae song, as your cares wash away on a high tide. So, whether you want to be chilled, thrilled or even spilled – from a slide, of course – you’ll find the perfect day at Wild Wadi.

Opening hours: Oct: 10:00 – 18:00, Nov: 10:00 – 17:30, Dec: 10:00 – 17:00
Price: Starting from 275 AED

3) Stay at Atlantis Hotel !


Atlantis is a majestic 5 star Dubai Hotel situated on the Palm, a man-made island that has captured the world’s imagination. It’s a pretty amazing hotel where you can actually stay at the top of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island.

One of the reasons you should choose Atlantis is because it has its own water park factually next door, it also has a beach, pools, activities to join in with and flexible dining. The rest of the hotel is wonderfully decorated in an underwater ‘Atlantis’ theme, and at one end it houses a glorious aquarium which dominates the whole of the wall – a giant water feature which marks the start of the Lost Chambers Aquarium, another free feature here at the hotel.

Considering how lavish the hotel is, the rooms are surprisingly basic. I’d just say they’re nothing special. It has a window overlooking the front of the hotel and the sea beyond. You can visit the water park pretty much every day. It is literally a 5 minute walk away and you can access it via the hotel or by walking along the beach front. And it’s FREE to anyone at the hotel. You can see the famous Burj Al Arab there in the distance. The Palm Atlantis is big, flashy, and extravagant and aims to WOW. Stay at The Palm Atlantis adjoins up to one of the 10 must do thing in Dubai for sure.

Tip: As a couple if you are visiting Atlantis on your Birthday you have one free entry.

4) SkyDive Dubai

SkyDive Dubai

Life is in relation to taking a leap of faith, and occasionally it’s about taking that jump from 13,500 feet with your legs hanging precariously from the edge of an aircraft. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, and an excellent sense of accomplishment, nothing beats skydiving in Dubai. For Indians, the glamorous playground of Dubai is probably the best place to shot skydiving and what better way to experience Dubai’s flamboyant sights than from thousands of feet above it all?

Skydive Dubai is world prominent for its incredible and innovative hunt of excellence in aerial sports. Skydive Dubai has two drop zones, the Palm Zone in the heart of Dubai, near the world-famous Palm Jumeirah islands and a desert campus 35km away from the city in Margam, off the Al-Ain road. You got a give a shot to both of them.
As you sky dive in the city of Dubai, you get to take pleasure in of a lifetime, without the need to spend a fortune. If you’re going for a tandem skydive experience, price for the jump would of about 2000 AED, but if you’re a more seasoned sky-diver, then the cost could be as low. check the price and book your tickets here.

5) Helicopter/Seaplane Tour

Helicopter tour Dubai

Pamper your inner VIP while discerning Dubai’s richness with a bird’s-eye view over this desert capital of extravagance. Dubai is attractive over-the-top. And with this helicopter flight or seaplane tour, so are you.

For 45 minutes you will feel like a real VIP, as you fly from end to end the City of Gold, around and above huge skyscrapers such as Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. The helicopter is a real step ‘up’ from your typical sightseeing tour. From the manmade island of Atlantis, The Palm, the pilot will take you to the peak skyscraper in the world: the one and only Burj Khalifa. You’ll fly so close that you’ll have the feeling you can reach out and touch it. Don’t though. Up above the high you will be able to see the towering buildings, the boats on the Dubai creek, the famous landmarks and the changing landscape of the city. The incredible aerial views of the city.

Seawings Dubai is the only seaplane operator in Dubai. The cost of the experience may be a bit pricey at 1,695 AED per adult and 1440 per child, but it is totally worth it.
Seawings Website

6) Private Yacht tour

Yacht Dubai

Imagine seeing Dubai from your own dream yacht. You don’t even need to have any maritime experience and surprisingly, you don’t need to break the bank! Taking a Royal 44 yacht as an example, which has a capacity for 10 people – the hourly rate is 699 AED.
Stay on deck as you sail into the Persian Gulf. Drench up the panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline as you slide along the coast. Admire The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab and towering Atlantis-The Palm hotel. If you’ve chosen an evening cruise, marvel at the views of the floodlit landmarks and high-rises, all delightfully illuminated in the fading light. The views from the standpoint of your own yacht are absolutely spectacular, and it’s an experience that you’re sure not to forget. Of course some of us could imagine nothing better than a deep sea fishing trip in a Gulf.

Chartering a luxury yacht is best experienced during winter season when the weather is ideal to go outdoors. I may have to check out some good deals online and invite friends to save on costs. Yacht Rental Dubai offers a different adventure as you travel in style.

7) Stay at Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa

Al Maha

It may only be 65km southeast of Dubai (on the Dubai to Al Ain Rd), but Al Maha senses like a completely unusual universe. Gone are the skyscrapers, traffic and go-go attitude. At this isolated desert eco-resort it’s all about getting back to some fundamental discoveries about yourself and where you fit into nature’s grand design.

It is part of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR), Al Maha is one of the most elite hotels in the UAE and it is named for the scarce Arabian oryx, which is a division of the DDCR’s conservation program. The resort’s 42 deluxe suites are all stand-alone, canvas-roofed bungalows with handmade furniture and private plunge pools. Each one has its individual terrace with stunning vistas of the beautiful desert landscape and peach-colored dunes, punctuated by mountains and grazing white oryx and gazelles.
Rates include two daily activities, such as a desert-wildlife drive, an archery session or a camel trek. Private vehicles, visitors and children under 10 are not allowed.
Prices: Bedouin Suite- From AED 2900
Royal Suite: From AED 5500
Emirates Suite: From AED 7200
Presidential Suite: From AED 12500

8) Dine at Nobu, Atlantis, The Palm


If you are a fan of world famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, then make it a point to dine at his restaurants during your trip to Dubai.

You may have been to Nobu in New York, London or Las Vegas, but in Dubai you’ll get to gulp down all your favorite dishes, as well as a few new ones, for a reasonable price. And you’ll seize in the atmosphere that you’ve come to expect. Here, the dark red and brown color scheme and Japanese and Arabian-inspired décor make the space feel both unfussy and glamorous. Music plays softly as young couples and families chat over small plates. And here, too, brunch is all about the good life: fancy drinks and quality dishes.

While the majority of brunches in this city focus on exhibiting copious amounts of food, Nobu stays true to its standing by pairing its multicourse sharing menu with live cuisine stations featuring sushi and sashimi, salads, tartare, foie gras, rock shrimp tempura etc. If the weather’s nice, request a table outside in the Zen garden with a view of the Dubai skyline.

9) Romantic Hot Air Balloon for two (Must do as couples when visiting Dubai)

Balloon ride Dubai

Picture you going up in a hot air balloon at sunrise and seeing the golden hues of the desert from 1,200 meters above the dunes. This activity is manned by a highly practiced called Balloon Adventures Emirates which is also a trusted provider for hot air balloon adventures in the world.

The emerald-green oases and nomadic camels are part of the visual glee as you fly into the skies.

Wake up early to have your own Hot Air Balloon experience and head out towards Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Stop at the start field in Margham, and leap out of your vehicle to watch your balloon go up. After listening to a safety update, step inside the basket and take to the skies with your pilot. Each basket holds a maximum of 24 people or you can also book your own hot air balloon for a date. As you watch the sun rise above the red-tinged sand dunes, pay attention to your pilot chatting about the sterile landscape mapped out beneath you, and learn about the wildlife — think camels and gazelles — that thrive in the harsh desert conditions. As you ascend to scenic heights you will have the delight of watching falcons fly up to 4,000 feet above the Earth, all while gently floating over the pure dunes of the Dubai desert and watching the sunrise over the Hajar Mountains. This is without any doubt a must to do thing in Dubai.

Cost of the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai
1100 AED – for Adults
950 AED – for children (5-11 years)

If you want to witness the sunrise from up above, you can choose the “hot air balloon ride with breakfast” package. This is good for a half-day, morning ride with tasty breakfast for each person.

Check the prices and offers here:
Hotairballoon Dubai
Dubai City Info

10) Rent a Ferrari

Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

In Dubai it is not unusual to see a few of the most exotic cars in the world racing down its 12 lane roads. Driving a Ferrari might seem a pipe dream in most other parts of the world, but not here in Dubai where countless Ferrari’s charm the roads next to other luxury cars including Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s and Lamborghini’s. If driving a luxury car has always been your dream and you are blessed enough to be able to afford one, the Ferrari combines speed and luxury for an remarkable driving experience. You can enjoy the ecstasy of driving without the worries of maintenance, garaging or depreciation, because you can rent a Ferrari in Dubai according to your convenience.

Check these sites to book your Ferrari:
1) Easy Car Hire
2) VIP Luxury

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