ansar_popiahFood is an important part of the Singapore culture and for a hard-core foodie like me that simply means I am in culinary heaven!

As you go a whirlwind tour around the city state, you are bound to come across some wonderful snacks that you can savor along with savoring the city. Again, it is easy to find Halal options as all you have to do is look for the “Halal Certified Logo”


With great difficulty I have managed to shortlist 6 must try snacks so enjoy!

1.   Curry Puff

curry-puff1 curry-puff2

You know how Indians can’t live without samosas in India? In the same way Singaporeans have a soft spot for this delicious pastry traditionally filled with potato. There are variations with the most common version being filled with Sardine. Now I know it sounds weird to be eating a pastry filled with fish…but belief me, when you start eating, you will be pleasantly surprised at how palatable it is.

Now the traditional Singapore snack curry puff comes in fancy versions include mushroom, chicken,egg fillings as well. A curry puff chain known as Old Chung Kee can be found in almost every mall in Singapore. They serve some of the best curry puff I have had in Asia and it is Halal certified. You can also try some Malay hawker stalls in the morning, but I wouldn’t advise this as most hawkers serve supermarket bought, frozen curry puff. Yucks! There are some shops that take the effort to make fresh ones, but for a tourist, it may be hard to go in search of those shops with your limited time in the city.

2.   Popiah

popiah2 popiah1

A popular Nonya/Chinese/Malay snack, it is a very flavorful and healthy snack. It is basically a spring roll but not fried as we would expect. It is made using a thin skin like edible dough. A traditional Singapore snack of Popiah is filled with a mixture of a kind of root known as Jicama, carrots, shrimp and tofu. This mixture is cooked and mashed to make an easy filling which is rolled in the Popiah skin with or without chilli as per your choice. My favourite Halal Popiah in Singapore can be found at the certified Halal restaurant chain called QiQi. They have a couple of branches so if you see one, be sure to try their specialty, Popiah!


3.   Kuih Dada/Kuih Ketayap

If you have a sweet tooth, you will enjoy this snack, it is basically a greenish thin crepe that is filled with coconut shredding that have been drowned in brown sugar! Yummy!

4.   Rainbow Kuih/ Kuih Lapis


I was told by a friend that this traditional Singapore snack Nonya kuih has to have 9 different colored layers that are painstakingly steamed layer by layer. So you don’t simply bite into the snack, but peel it off layer by layer and savor it. These days, the number of layers have definitely reduced but no one is complaining!

5.   Bingka Ubi


Tapioca is quite easily available in South East Asia, so a steamed tapioca cake is a given in this part of the world. The one I tried had a rich, chewy texture and was quite a unique taste. I must say I enjoyed it.

6.   Kuih Seri Muka


This bi-coloured little treats are a perfect end to any meal or a meal by itself! The white layer is made of glutinous rice and the green slimy top layer complements the rice perfectly as it is made of the richness of coconut milk and sugar with flavour infused from what is commonly known as pandan leaves. Whatever it is made of, it tastes great anyways!